Female condoms??!!

The female condom (Courtesy of www.bcpwa.org)

Yes, there is such a thing as a female condom.

It functions just as a male condom does — it prevents contact with semen. The main difference is that female condoms are made to be worn along the inside of the body.

Just like the Pill, the female condom puts contraception in the control of the woman. No more condom negotiation with your partner who says that he doesn’t like wearing condoms. The female condom adds teeth to the “No Glove, No Love policy” which was lopsided in favor of the one who wore the condom.  The female condom gives the woman full control and as everyone knows: the one who wears the condom is the one who makes the rules in bed.Best of all, the female condom can protect you BOTH from STIs and unwanted pregnancy – something the almighty pill can’t even do.

Joy Lynn Alegarbes, Global Director for The Condom Project gives us a SASsy preview of the female condoms.

What is the female condom and how does it work?

The Female Condom: A Step by Step Guide

There are two types of female condoms, the FC1 and the FC2 — both  are approved by the World Health Organization.

They have a flexible inner ring and a prominent outer ring; just squeeze the flexible, inner ring and slide it into the vagina; take your finger and, along the inside of the condom, gently push that inner ring up as far as it will go.

Each female condom has a closed end that is inserted into the body and helps to hold the condom in its proper place during sexual activity; there is also an external rim that should always remain on the outside of the body once the condom is inserted.

During intercourse, the penetrative partner should always be completely surrounded by the female condom. Like male condoms, each female condom can only be used one time.

What does the female condom mean for women?

While women and receptive partners cannot necessarily force their penetrative partners to wear a male condom, they can be proactive about their own sexual health and safety by inserting a female condom (FC) before sexual activity and negotiating its use with a partner.

What are the benefits of the female condom?

Female condoms have many benefits:  they will fit nearly every partner, regardless of the body’s shape and size and, when using an FC, the penetrative partner should not wear a male condom at the same time.  Female condoms can also be inserted prior to foreplay and intercourse, and they do not require immediate removal after ejaculation.

Another great option for increased sensation is the female condom.  During intercourse, the penetrative partner will be surrounded by soft, sensuous, heat-conducting material.  The inner ring will stimulate her g-spot and gently rub the glans of his penis. The outer ring will stimulate her clitoris… and best of all, when using an FC, the penetrative partner doesn’t have to wear a thing!

For the ultimate in lack-of-interruption, I highly recommend female condoms.  Female condoms can be inserted several hours prior to foreplay and intercourse; they form to the inside of the body and warm up to they body’s temperature.  An added benefit is that they do not need to be removed immediately after ejaculation. – if he wants to linger inside after finishing, he can.

Read more about he benefits and disadvantages of the female condom in an excerpt from a post on Avert.org.

Access the full article at: www.avert.org/female-condom.htm

Benefits of the female condom

! Opportunity for women to share the responsibility for the condoms with their partners

! A woman may be able to use the female condom if her partner refuses to use the male condom

! The female condom will protect against most STDs and pregnancy if used correctly

! The FC or FC2 female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before intercourse so as not to interfere with the moment

! The FC and FC2 female condoms are made of polyurethane and nitrile, which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than latex. These materials can be used with oil-based as well as water-based lubricants.

! No special storage requirements are needed because polyurethane and nitrile are not affected by changes in temperature and dampness. In addition, these materials are thin and conduct heat well, so sensation is preserved.

Disadvatanges of the female condom:

? The outer ring or frame is visible outside the vagina, which can make some women feel self-conscious

? The FC and FC2 female condoms can make noises during intercourse (adding more lubricant can lessen this problem)

? Some women find the female condom hard to insert and to remove

? It has a higher failure rate in preventing pregnancy than non-barrier methods such as the pill

? It is relatively expensive and relatively limited in availability in some countries

? It is recommended that the female condom be used only once

Click HERE for  a video on how to use the female condom. http://www.avert.org/videos/sexual-health/female-condom

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    1. Female condoms are not yet available in the Philippines. It is a relatively new discovery and is available in only a few countries like China and Africa. We hope to increase awareness and demand for the female condom in the hopes that it will eventually reach our shores. Let’s hope that’s sooner rather than later. : )

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