The Five Phone Numbers Every Pinay Should Have on Her Speed Dial

By Janina Santos, Sex and Youth Correspondent

She may be no damsel in distress, but no matter how much of a powerhouse chick the Pinay is, she will always need a lifeline in case she needs extra help, or is faced with a dangerous situations. Whether it is a healthy dose of information, counseling, treatment, or plain old hero-saving, these organizations are sure to come to the rescue.

Aleng Pulis Mobile
Tel # (02) 410-3113 (within office hours only)

Mobile: 0919-777-7377 (24 hours)
2nd Floor Kiangan Billeting Center WCPP Camp Crame
8:00AM – 5:00PM

Why you should have them on your speed dial:

This kick-SASs all female police force has one mission: take care of crimes against women. Aleng Pulis (Ms. Policewoman) won’t just dish out sisterly advice, they’ll spring into action in cases of domestic and sexual violence. They also refer victims to appropriate authorities who can provide additional support, assist victims of violence in medico-legal procedures, medical investigation, and the collection of evidence. These hardcore, crime-busting ladies are equipped with full battle gear, motorcycles, and police cars with the words “Aleng Pulis”  in pink on the front bumper. How’s that for a classic feminine touch to crime-fighting?

Likhaan Women’s Health Center
Tel #(63 2)926-6230 or fax (63 2)411-3151
9:00AM to 5:00PM
88 Times St., West Triangle Homes, Quezon City 1104 Philippines


Why you should have them on your speed dial:

Apart from prenatal and postpartum counseling, Likhaan also provides treatment and education on aspects of sexual health that we don’t talk about because they’re considered taboo like sexually transmitted diseases, and post-abortion complications.

Your condom broke or you had unprotected sex? No problem! Likhaan can give you no-judgment-no-unnecessary-questions-advice on emergency contraception  (both education and the actual medication) for women with no prior knowledge of birth control (which could be you and me), victims of rape, or sex workers.

Likhaan also counsels and refers victims of domestic and sexual abuse and provides RH services such as family planning and contraception.

Filipinay Hotline
Tel # (02)477-5555 or text (0917)823-1111
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 7PM
IMAP Building, Cor. Dr. A Ejercito St. Pinaglabanan San Juan


Why you should have them on your speed dial:

Unsure about how to use the pill, the rubber or any other form of contraception? The Filipinay hotline advises women on their options on family planning, contraception, and reproductive health, minus the raised eyebrows.

The Filipinay hotline provides impromptu info on birth control through phone consultation or through text so you can ask even the most intimate questions anonymously. The Filipinay hotline ensures that all women are able to make smart decisions about their bodies with adequate information and medical guidance. Their motto: women’s empowerment through choice.

NBI Computer Crimes Unit

Tel #528-8231 to 38 local 3455
8:00AM to 5:00PM
NBI Building, Taft Avenue,
Ermita, Manila

Why you should have them on your speed dial:

Crimes against women have gone through an upgrade—a technological one.

If you find yourself an unwilling recipient of sexually charged SMS/MMS or other forms of Electronic Violence Against Women (EVAW), then the people NBI Computer Crimes Unit are your go-to guys.

This unit deals with cases of mobile and cyber harassment/abuse and the whole shebang of EVAW cases: internet pornography; unauthorized reproduction and distribution of images and videos, through CDs, mobile phones, and the Internet; involuntary cyber-prostitution of women and children. For tech-savvy violators of women’s rights, the NBI Computer Crimes Unit is a force to reckon with.

Women’s Crisis Center

Tel #+63 2 922-5235 or fax +63 2 926-7744
8:00AM – 9:00PM
3rd Floor Trauma Extension, Annex Bldg.,
East Ave Medical Center
Quezon City



Why you should have them on your speed dial:

The Women’s Crisis Center (WCC) was established in 1989 and set the bar for crisis work with women. The WCC offers assistance, counseling, treatment, and referrals for victims of battering, rape, incest, sexual harassment, prostitution, and sex trafficking. They also give crisis intervention for survivors of women-targeted violence, with methods that are rooted in a pro-Pinay perspective.

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Janina Santos is a self-proclaimed writer and Registered Nurse who enjoys sticking her nose in women’s issues. When her brain is not up in the stars, she teaches English for a living.

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