Winners of the ART-H Mandala Making Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of the SAS ART-H Mandala Making Contest! The scores were based on the judges’ evaluation, Likes on the SAS Facebook page and attendance during the ART-H Primer. The respective taglines and statements were also taken into consideration.

And now, the works and statements of the winners:

3rd Place – UP Samahan sa Agham Pampulitika

Beyond pills and condoms: EQUALITY and UNDERSTANDING”


Understanding, awareness and women empowerment: these are the three essential factors needed to realize the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill, which this mandala promotes.

The lotus at the core, made from the male and female insignia, signifies the need for UNDERSTANDING, which is essential to the success of the RH Bill.

The outward pointing motif calls to mind the need to spread AWARENESS in the issue of RH.

And finally, the numerous faces of women in the mandala calls us to recognize WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

These 3 elements combine to create a powerful visual message that calls us to pass the RH Bill and address the RH issue now

2nd Place – UP Artists’ Circle Sorority

“Give life without losing yours.”


This mandala as a whole represents significance fo women in their responsibility and capability to give continuation to the circle of life, in which they behold their beauty as a provider and nurturer.

The inverted triangle symbolizes the female genitalia and the three spirals symbolize women’s omnipotent power. These are surrounded by blossoming flowers that represent the blossoming of women and their potentials.

The maple leaves connote the sweetness that new life brings and at the same time, the openness to sexual pleasure through responsible and safe actions.

The condoms used to beautify the mandalas signify that men and women complement each other in order to create beauty in life.

1st Place – UP Visual Communication students, College of Fine Arts

“Safety in diversity.”

At the very center of our mandala is a triskel. These three circles connected to each other is a common element of the traditional mandala. For this specific piece, it symbolizes the three kinds of gender preferences. Straight males are symbolized by a ♂, straight females are symbolized by a ♀ and other sexual preferences combine the two symbols.

Around the triskel are “feathers.” Feathers constitute wings and wings are symbols of freedom. The central and supporting elements combined deliver the advocacy for freedom of choice in sexual preference.

At the middle of the triskel are random dots, with one red dot at the middle. This red dot symbolizes the chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Despite the freedom, there is still a risk. To prevent these risks from emerging, the red dot is surrounded with several contraceptives.

Our mandala recognizes the different sexual preferences of people but still reminds them of always being SAFE.

The prize for the best tagline also goes to the UP Vis Com group: “Safety in Diversity.”


The groups will be awarded when classes resume on the second week of November.

We would like to thank our judges: Dr. Eloi Hernandez of the UP College of Arts and Letters, Ms. Beth Angsioco of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines, Mr. Red Tani of the Filipino Freethinkers and Mr. Carlos Celdran of Celdran Tours.

We would also like to thank our sponsor, DKT-Reproductive Health (Frenzy Condoms and Filipinay birth control pills), and our UP-based partner, RH AGENDA.

Author: Anna Oposa

Anna Oposa graduated from the University of the Philippines-Diliman with a degree in BA English. She is now a freelance writer, performer, runner, swimmer, scuba diver, and yoga practitioner. Anna is best at being an ambassador of good vibes, eco warrior, and vagina warrior. She blogs at

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