Jingle Your Bell: 10 Sexy Adventures to Try for the Holidays

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By Ana Santos

Looking to liven up your sex life this Christmas season? We’ve listed some ideas that will definitely put you on the Naughty list!

Does Valentine’s Day own the whole idea of romance and love and is Christmas just its more wholesome fuddy-duddy holiday cousin? Don’t be a romantic Scrooge with these tips to put some jingle in your—wink, wink!—bell. Celebrate the holidays with some sizzlin’ hot pizzazz and oomph.

A note from the author:  You’ll probably need the kids, nannies, drivers, in-laws—heck, even the neighbors–to hike off to another place for a couple of hours to participate in any of these activities.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


You’ve spent the whole year being a good girl. What’s one day in the year to let the bad girl inside of you loose and let her rip? Do something you’ve always done, but differently. Instead of booking a hotel room for a quiet getaway, book a motel room—use some of your Christmas bonus and get a suite! See how the illicit feel of a motel hideaway ups the ante on your loving.

You can also bring out some toys and costumes and experiment. ‘Tis the season to be merry, after all.

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Here’s something that is as much about giving yourself the gift of sexy confidence and beauty as giving something to your man. Give him a Christmas gift that will blow his mind and make him see you in a new light—literally. Schedule a boudoir shoot where you can be beautifully photographed, then, once you have the photo, frame it or put it in an album, wrap it up in a cute little bow, and give him the gift of showing him the sensual, beautiful side of you for Christmas.

A note for the single ladies reading this: You might want to give yourself this gift, just so that you’ll have a concrete reminder of an empowered, sexy, and confident you.

Looking for photographers who can do this tastefully? Check out The Boudoir Dolls atwww.TheBoudoirDolls.com.

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Do a strip tease for him. Don’t diss the idea as something fake or pretentious—i.e., something that isn’t your style or something that will cause you to just burst out laughing if you try it.

The power of the striptease is actually the “tease” part. Remember the movie Fatal Attraction, in which Michael Douglas’s character was simply watching his wife (Anne Archer) put on her makeup while in her underwear—and getting really turned on just by the sight of her? Channel that.

So you don’t have to think about renting a pole or anything like that (though why not, if you’re game?), but try out the little things that will tease him or make him laugh, like coming out of the bathroom and opening up your robe to gift him with the sight of you decked out in sexy Christmas-themed underwear. Humor is a great turn on, you know!

Check out the Topshop for fun, funky designs in different underwear types like boy leg, briefs, and panties. Plus, SM Department Store’s ladies department always has a wide array of underwear colors in different Yuletide hues that you can mix and match.

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Take out those beautiful silk ribbons used to wrap those precious gifts and bring them to the bedroom for a little wrapping ribbon bondage. Surprise him and yourself by getting creative with those knots—those Girl Scout lessons would be useful right about now!

Use them to tie each his wrists so he can only watch but not touch, or tie him to the bedpost if you dare. For best results, make sure you also come out on the receiving end of this ribbon ceremony.

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Forget the fireplace—they aren’t exactly needed in our tropical country. Try the Christmas tree as a substitute for making your bells jingle and his balls tingle on Christmas Day. Sometimes all it takes is a new place to bring in a new kinky to your shake and tumble routine.

What better place to make holiday cheer than beside the Christmas tree? And if you can look up at the Christmas tree, you can even feel what it must be like to be a Christmas gift just waiting to be opened—and if the two of you do it right, we guarantee you’ll see stars, and not just of the decorative kind!

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Some books suggest eating ice cream or drinking something cold for a cool, chilly sensation to bring with you as an oral tradition when exploring your partner’s nether regions.

Try this with your Christmas mints and see if it will take his breath away.

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If kissing underneath the mistletoe is the tradition, then it’s time for a little relocation. Move it around; instead of just hanging from the ceiling, move it to other places that are also worthy of kissing and being kissed. Like in your décolletage—or how about pinning one onto a pair of delicate lace panties? For good measure, you can also pin one on his boxers.

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Get him gift certificates that are made out for fun couple things that range from going out for a candlelit dinner, getting a massage together, or winding up in a bubble bath. Set a validity period in which each IOU can be redeemed throughout the year, using milestones like your birthdays or anniversary. Give him bonus points if he redeems all gift certificates in one go.

Looking for ways to get creative with your GCs? You can issue him a check in which the amount paid is for a service rendered, or you can write out destinations on the backs of ticket stubs. You can even print out a boarding pass for a trip to the land of bliss.

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Make a naughty list, a list of things that you’ve been wanting to try with each other. Sometimes it’s as simple as a new sex position; sometimes it’s as daring as making your own film or just knocking boots someplace you’ve never tried it. Put your wishes on scraps of paper, drop them in Kinky Stockings (fishnet are better), and pull them out one by one and see if you have the guts to live them out.

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Write out a list of a sexy things you and your guy can do every day for 12 days until Christmas. Bring out each other’s fun side by downloading a sex app for your preferred gadget and making it a point to give it an intense review. It can even be as simple as going to your favorite restaurant for a candlelit dinner and leaving the mobile phone at home.

Leave these suggestions as notes under his pillow (use scented stationery or wrap them in your best lace panties for maximum impact) or send them out to him every day via SMS.

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