Disturbing the Peace in Ayala Alabang

This video documentary was produced by Jay Ignacio, a resident of Ayala Alabang. Ignacio shows the affluent, once peaceful village now divided into two warring factions: those who are opposed to the ordinance and those who support it.

The original post may be viewed on the Filipino Freethinkers website.

My name is Jay Ignacio, an atheist who used to be a recording artist with Sony Music back in 1996. I am a founding member of the Silly People’s Improv Theatre (SPIT). I worked for Cheche Lazaro’s Probe Productions, Inc. back in 1997; taught Recording Technology and Sound Design at College of Saint Benilde; worked as Executive Chef for Chef Cuisine Catering Company, in charge of their Italian menus. Now I am venturing in to documentary film making, and my first project is called “The Bladed Hand: A Documentary On The Global Impact Of The Filipino Martial Arts”.

I am in the final editing stage of this docu which I plan to premiere in Manila by July this year, but I was sidetracked by recent events in my neighborhood. I spent 8 years in Southridge, from Grade 4 to 4th Year High School and am no big fan of Opus Dei and the Catholic Church.

I’d like to share with you two videos I made pertaining to the now infamous Ordinance #1-2011 that our Baranggay Most Holy have decided to come up with, and I hope the rest of the country does not follow in the footsteps of these oh-so-saintly Council Members who have violated the law in the name of Religion.


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