Kickin’ some SAS at Ignite Manila

Sex and Sensibilities would like to thank Ryan Tani for inviting us to spread the SAS at Ignite Manila last March 2 at Mag:net Cafe in Bonifacio High Street.

The event was part of the first Global Ignite Week, a “worldwide distributed conference” of community-fueled Ignite events that ran from March 1-4.  More than 50 cities from 5 continents participated in talks that were exactly five minutes long, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds—whether or not you’re done talking.

The five minute limit was hard enough, but for speakers who are used to controlling their presentations, slides that think on their own and move at their own pace was challenging, to say the least.

But the bunch of determined advocates who gathered for Ignite Manila weren’t going to turn down five minutes of soapbox fame to talk, ignite, inflame and arouse people’s interests in thier own passions.

Paul Zialcita, percussionist, performance artist, and social advocate started the evening off with a bang — literally. Using a 5-gallon water jug filled with water which he calls his “aquadrums”, Paul drummed up his own brand of music which is a fusion of indigenous patterns and world beats played with an experimental, re-cycled set-up. Paul’s 5 minutes were entitled, “Recycle music. Recycle life”,  a slide show on how he is using aquadrums to teach music to homeless children. 

Communicator, Connector, Changemaker Nina Terol-Zialcita spoke about how “A ball can change the world” and the lessons she learned from the 2009 Milan Homeless World Cup. Nina’s battle cry was “Homeless is not hopeless.” softened by the slides showing her wedding in Milan during the event. (Yes, she is related to Paul Zialcita…by marriage)

Women’s rights activist Beth Angsioco, Chairwoman of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines declared before her talk: “This is the first time for me to realize that I’m a geek.” Beth belted out staggering statistics on maternal health and induced abortions. “In the coming elections, I will not  ask you to vote for a candidate, but I will ask you to vote for an agenda.” said Beth urging everyone to vote for candidates who will support the Reproductive Health Bill.

And of course, we were there to make sexual health sexy and sassy. With the support of DKT, Philippines, who gave out LICK flavored condoms to all the guests, SAS called on everyone to make the evening a safe one.

Ignite Guru Ryan Tani joked that Ignite was a large gathering of geeks who will someday rule the world.  Whether or not he’s right remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, even geeks know that safe sex is good sex.