UK teens told: “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”

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Health officials in the UK promote the pleasures of sex to students.

Here in the Philippines, sex among minors is frowned upon. In fact, the topic is so taboo in national discourse that even our own government doesn’t speak up enough about safe sex and birth control!

In the UK, however, health officials actually promote to teens the pleasures of sex, despite their country having the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Europe.

The Sheffield branch of Britain’s National Health Service has begun making the rounds in schools todistribute leaflets that talk about the joys of sex and masturbation. As Times Online reports, the leaflet, called “Pleasure,” informs the youth that they have every right to enjoy a randy sex life.

In fact, the leaflet also lauds the benefits regular sex has on one’s cardiovascular health! It bears the cheeky pro-sex slogan, “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.”

The advocates of “Pleasure” defend their bold stance by saying that experts have been focusing too much and too long on the need for safe sex without acknowledging the main reason why people actually engage in sex, which is pleasure. They say that by educating teens on the intricate wonders of sex, they may even encourage youngsters to put their sex lives on hold until they are finally ready to take that pleasurable plunge.

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